Definition Of go-betwee


an intermediary or negotiator.

This branding of young minds has become its own industry, with companies like the Field Trip Factory operating as go-betweens to link local schools with corporate chains.

Example Of go-betwee

  • A parent who decides that a child is ready to marry may contact agencies, go-betweens , relatives, and friends to find an appropriate mate.

  • Acting as the go-between , the broker would charge the young man 5,000 yuan to complete the deal.

  • Agents and go-betweens are also marketing testimony from those who have come into contact with the teenagers while in custody.

  • Despite the sombre contents of the tapes, the go-between who helped record the interviews said recently that people would be surprised at what a cheerful lady she ultimately was.

  • Don't facilitate negotiations or act as a go-between for people who are willing to share power but who won't actually talk to each other.

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