Definition Of glee


a song for men's voices in three or more parts, usually unaccompanied, of a type popular especially circa 1750–1830.

Later, boys were paid to sing treble parts at meetings of glee clubs, and glees for SATB became more common.

great delight.

his face lit up with impish glee

Example Of glee

  • A lot of people are relishing this situation with glee and waiting to see what I'll do.

  • A true sociopath, he takes great glee in humiliating and injuring the inmates.

  • As she neared the end of the piece, a smile of glee and satisfaction began to appear on her face.

  • Between each new variation comes another burst of jubilant glee .

  • Every hotel in the area is booked for election night as the media anticipate, some with glee , what might be the final act of his downfall.

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