Synonyms Of glassed


Definition Of glassed


(especially in hunting) scan (one's surroundings) with binoculars.

the first day was spent glassing the rolling hills

cover or enclose with glass.

the inn has a long balcony, now glassed in

reflect in or as if in a mirror.

the opposite slopes glassed themselves in the deep dark water

Example Of glassed

  • Although the arrow slits in the walls are glassed in and electric bulbs take the place of candlelight, as you ascend the narrow, anti-clockwise staircase, the feeling of a different time is strong.

  • An internal fiberglass liner is glassed in place and provides much of the structural support and stiffening for the hull.

  • Exterior cast-in-place shored walkways surround the theaters and are protected with a cantilevered architectural concrete roof system, shaded and glassed in.

  • He followed her down a long hallway to a glassed in boardroom where two men stood waiting.

  • It has been glassed in and made into an attractive Visitors' Centre.

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