Definition Of gelid


icy; extremely cold.

the gelid pond

Example Of gelid

  • Although they were high in the mountains, and the wind was from the east, and cold with a foretaste of winter, still, it felt warmer than the gelid air radiating from the White River.

  • As I run my palm along its breadth, a gelid numbness permeates into my flesh.

  • As the scores indicate - typically gelid to frozen - the shots seem to fall in the unflattering to outright frightening range.

  • But prepare for disillusionment, too, for these artists were blissfully ignorant of more than just the watery liberalism we now cringingly sip like gelid , day-old decaf.

  • Christmas nears with a vengeance: its jingling bell like a tinkling lily in gelid fluff overhangs the premises where they sell alcoholic beverages and stuff.

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