Definition Of gaunt


(of a person) lean and haggard, especially because of suffering, hunger, or age.

She was gaunt , painfully thin, expressionless, wearing a sleeveless top, dark pants, and sandals.

Example Of gaunt

  • Cabooses are another fast disappearing symbol of the railways, those that remain are a gaunt remnant of the former glory of a bygone era.

  • Fields gave way to scattered woodlands, bare and gaunt against the early winter darkness.

  • He is a fair, gaunt man of Norwegian extraction, an international lawyer I think, and has a careful, courteous manner.

  • He juxtaposes these gaunt scenes with striking black-and-white shots of beaches and landscape.

  • He scoured the gaunt landscape as if his primordial authority was enough to plunge the lid of the monochrome building down to floor level to allow him a cowardly escape.

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