Definition Of garish


obtrusively bright and showy; lurid.

garish shirts in all sorts of colors

Example Of garish

  • A large quantity of the toys - garishly coloured flashing dummies and fur-covered dogs, cats, rabbits and pandas - were seized during a swoop in Yorkshire Street by trading standards officers.

  • All of the garish constructions below him have been built for the nouveau riche with relatives working abroad.

  • Although there is nothing particularly striking about the interior, it is tastefully done and the colours and trim fabrics used are sensible and modern without any hint of garishness .

  • But if I do, I promise not to make it put the pages in some microscopic font with garish colours.

  • Decorated colourfully, though not garishly , the place is cheerful and welcoming, and the family who runs it is invariably cordial and ready to answer any questions you might throw their way.

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