Definition Of fundament


a person's buttocks.

In fact, the administration (who collectively have their head so far up their fundament that they can tell if they're getting cavities or not) doesn't even deign to tell us the results, normally.

the foundation or basis of something.

Most of these nations base the fundaments of their society on their religion, and try to live by it every day.

Example Of fundament

  • About which I said, some of what's coming out these days, especially from a bunch of talented but self-conscious young American writers, can disappear up its own fundament .

  • All of the above but only because they make up so much of the fundament (almost all of the fundament , really) of Western culture.

  • At this point the logic disappears up it's own fundament .

  • Colonel Everson about-turned, raised his boot and applied it heftily to his batman's fundament .

  • Danny Mills may be a heads-down, foot-up skinheaded blunderbuss of a footballer, but he certainly knows how to give the English language a good boot up the fundament to remind it it's in a game.

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