Definition Of fumigate


apply the fumes of certain chemicals to (an area) to disinfect it or to rid it of vermin.

But we have already taken action by fumigating the area to prevent new cases,’ Asep said.

Example Of fumigate

  • According to the Domestic Bursar, requests were received from students, ‘who had consulted various internet sites and believed their rooms could be fumigated without them having to move out’.

  • And it could serve as an alternative to methyl bromide and other soil fumigants typically used to sterilize old orchards before planting new trees.

  • ‘Dates have been grown this way since the earliest records,’ says Adair, who uses no artificial chemicals, poisons, pesticides, fumigants or sulfur on his crop.

  • ‘These fumigations are destroying our environment,’ he says, ‘because every time they fumigate fields, the peasants plant again on new land, and they're moving deeper into the jungles.’

  • ‘Virtually all conventional spices sold in the United States are fumigated [sterilized] with hazardous chemicals that are banned in Europe,’ he says.

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