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Definition Of front-page


appearing on the first page of a newspaper or similar publication and containing important or remarkable news.

they ran a front-page story headlined “White-Collar Chic.”

print (a story) on the first page of a newspaper, etc..

the paper had front-paged a 1988 discovery at one of his nearby digs

Example Of front-page

  • According to a front-paged report in the Indian Express newspaper, the Board of Control for Cricket in India owes the players about Rs 10 million each.

  • And with war in Iraq and the economy topping the list of election concerns, energy and the environment aren't exactly front-page political news.

  • And, three days before Christmas, the Paris daily Le Figaro front-paged the news that Judge van Ruymbeke had notified the Justice Ministry that Cheney might be among those eventually indicted as a result of his investigation.

  • But even as ambassadors in Washington and State Department officials hammer out the details of the meetings, news media in the region are still front-paging the arrest of the four.

  • dishonest research has become front-page news

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