Definition Of fresh


(of a cow) yielding a renewed or increased supply of milk following the birth of a calf.

(of the wind) cool and fairly strong.

I came from a small town, where the wind is fresh and cool, you could taste the air on your lips.

(of water) not salty.

The lake water is fresh near the surface, but remains salty at the bottom.

newly; recently.

fresh-baked bread

not previously known or used; new or different.

the court had heard fresh evidence

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Example Of fresh

  • fresh cream

  • Although the future appears bleak, the opportunity is there to make a fresh start.

  • As I'd been scrambling to create one, a fresh opportunity landed in my lap.

  • At least he is fresh for the tough Scotland squad training sessions, the mere thought of which has some players reaching for the ice pack.

  • Briza maxima has also seeded itself in this pot, adding height and movement as well as a contrasting colour as it fades from fresh green to pale brown.

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