Definition Of fountain


a natural spring of water.

The mineral water of the numerous fountains , natural springs and wells, have an almost uniform chemical composition, temperature and sulphide content.

spurt or cascade like a fountain.

an enormous curtain of lava fountained into the sky

Example Of fountain

  • A fountain of sparks spurted up, falling in a shower around the boy, bent over in concentration.

  • A gravel road, along the course of which there are many fountains and springs, leads after a journey of about one and a half to two hours to Haydushki Polyani, noted for its dam, and in season, meadows of flowers.

  • A small fountain , a pool of water or a miniature waterfall adds to the charm of rock gardens.

  • A timed fountain gushes water in changing patterns; it looks almost as though the water were dancing.

  • A white marble fountain was rooted in the middle of wide white marble stairs leading to the second story.

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