Definition Of formalizes


give (something) legal or formal status.

The civil union legislation exists because the Marriage Act as it was - the only basis to formalise the legal status of relationships - was vulnerable to human rights complaints.

Example Of formalizes

  • A legal search is under way to formalise ownership of the property, which was built in 1806 by Pierce Barron of Faha to help educate the poor of the parish.

  • A letter of understanding dated 27th October 1998 was signed between the company and a third party and on 19th October 1999 a deed of assignment was signed to formalise this letter of understanding.

  • An even halfway adept filmmaker would interpret and shape such footage, formalize and comment upon it.

  • Approving these minutes formalizes the business of these on-site and telephone meetings.

  • Besides formalizing the legal equality of women, such a ruling could help fortify the resolve of police who must invariably come to the women's aid and repel acts of aggression.

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