Definition Of form


a class or year in a school, usually given a specifying number.

the fifth form

a hare's lair.

Hares lie overnight in ‘ forms ’, which are a kind of above-ground nest.

a long bench without a back.

The shelter inside was totally dark and one had to grope to find a place to sit on the backless wooden forms .

a mold, frame, or block in or on which something is shaped.

You fill the forms with stone and concrete, then ‘slip’ the forms up for the next level.

a particular way in which a thing exists or appears; a manifestation.

her obsession has taken the form of compulsive exercise

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Example Of form

  • form of transport

  • A southern taxonomic form is distributed in North America in Pacific drainages from northern Washington north to the Alaska Peninsula.

  • Aberdeen are one of the Scottish Premier League's form teams and have yet to concede a goal in five games.

  • Add a couple of tablespoons of cold water and bring together to form a firm dough.

  • Add the oil, rosemary, flour and salt and bring together to form a dough.

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