Definition Of foretoken


a sign of something to come.

Let's count all of the foretokens that were telling me me to crawl back into bed for the weekend.

be a sign of (something to come).

a shiver in the night air foretokening December

Example Of foretoken

  • Actually this foretokened that the formal independence of the republic would also be nullified.

  • And so far were they carried into the admiration thereof, that they thought in the chanceable hitting upon any such verses great foretokens of their following fortunes were placed.

  • He is said to have eaten a toad as a child, an act foretokening a martial destiny.

  • He spent much of his time swimming in nihilistic little circles and had a lethargy that some saw as foretokening an early death.

  • It is a foretoken for the rest of the album: lo-fi common or garden electronica full of samples, little bells, harmonica, noise and atmospheric strings.

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