Definition Of florid


(of a disease or its manifestations) occurring in a fully developed form.

florid symptoms of psychiatric disorder

elaborately or excessively intricate or complicated.

florid operatic-style music was out

having a red or flushed complexion.

a stout man with a florid face

Example Of florid

  • Added to this influence was the deep impression made upon his mind by the florid sumptuousness of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, whose works he had an opportunity of studying in Venice before he returned to Paris in 1761.

  • Adult castrati could sing the most florid music imaginable and continued to preserve the Pauline ban on female voices in church - at least in the pope's Sistine Chapel in Rome - until the 20th century.

  • After only a few minutes my normally florid complexion had begun to resemble Florida.

  • All the same, busy foyer ceramics and florid room furnishings suggest a resort ripe for refurbishment.

  • All these things cohere because of the surrealism and typical Spanish violence of the juxtapositions, the balance between flat prose and highly florid colouration.

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