Definition Of flattest


(of a fee, wage, or price) the same in all cases, not varying with changed conditions or in particular cases.

a $30 flat fare

(of musical sound) below true or normal pitch.

Sung in a deliberately flat tone, this song is a typically acidic musical joke and for that reason it does not stand up to repeated listens.

lacking interest or emotion; dull and lifeless.

“I'm sorry,” he said, in a flat voice

of or relating to flat racing.

the Flat season

smooth and even; without marked lumps or indentations.

a flat wall

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Example Of flattest

  • "This is probably a sedimentary rock made up of particles that have accumulated on a fairly flat surface.

  • A leaking roof can lead to damage on ceilings and walls, so it is important to replace loose or cracked slates, and get damaged material on flat roofs repaired.

  • A woman had been driving down a freeway, and had had a flat tyre.

  • and that's flat

  • And there does seem to be a pretty flat contradiction between those two points.

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