Definition Of flabby


(of a part of a person's body) soft, loose, and fleshy.

this exercise helps to flatten a flabby stomach

Example Of flabby

  • A couple of older women, their full cups of beer held by their teeth, were just clapping away, some of the beer splashing out as their heads bobbed in time with their flabby arms.

  • As I look at my flabby body and my wasted muscles it is truly amazing that it managed to run 26.2 miles just 52 weeks ago.

  • As time goes on, his body grows muscular and thick, no longer flabby or soft.

  • Besides, it improves general body shape - no one wants a flabby stomach in the summer!

  • But perhaps it is justified to form a negative assessment about the judgment and diligence of a person who is overweight and flabby .

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