Definition Of fink


an unpleasant or contemptible person, in particular.

fail to do something promised or expected because of a lack of courage or commitment.

administration officials had finked out

inform on to the authorities.

there was no shortage of people willing to fink on their neighbors

Example Of fink

  • And a little blond feller, I don't know who he was, yelled, ‘Hey, there's a fink here, starting to move goods!’

  • Candice almost finks out of helping by saying she's ‘got to work with anorexics.’

  • Charged with obscenity, the 60-year-old professor not only fearfully complied with the cops but immediately finked on two friends.

  • Could you deal with the fallout if she discovered you're the the fink who told?

  • He said if it finked out again, they'd fix it again.

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