Definition Of fillip


a movement made by bending the last joint of a finger against the thumb and suddenly releasing it; a flick of the finger.

the Prince, by a fillip, made some of the wine fly in Oglethorpe's face

propel (a small object) with a flick of the finger.

our aforesaid merchant filliped a nut sharply against his bullying giant

something that acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

the halving of the automobile tax would provide a fillip to sales

Example Of fillip

  • A Danish ‘Yes’ vote might just have provided a fillip to market sentiment, particularly if it were supported by another round of intervention.

  • ‘The book signing session should provide a fillip to sales,’ said Mr Black.

  • He plans to upgrade the quality of engineering education, give a fillip to student development and provide web-based career counselling for college students.

  • It earned him the right to be called the father of European comic-book art, giving a fillip to the industry at a time when America was churning out comics at ever-increasing volumes.

  • It should be a fillip to all scorers that a scorer has finally received an honour.

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