Definition Of fidget


a quick, small movement, typically a repeated one, caused by nervousness or impatience.

he disturbed other people with convulsive fidgets

make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness or impatience.

the audience had begun to fidget on their chairs

Example Of fidget

  • As with a lot of all-improvisation discs, this is an element of the music too often overtaken by the fidget and bustle of ongoing events.

  • Beginning an almost nervous fidget of picking at the lapel of his robe, Gwin worried her lower lip.

  • But what about mild depression, the kind of sadness that puts you in a fidget , makes you lose sleep, dulls your appetite and your wit, and saps your energy?

  • Cassandra lay uncomfortably amongst the dishevelled sheets, serene stillness littered with the occasional fidget of distress.

  • Cavalon ran his fingers through his hair, a nervous fidget .

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