Definition Of fells


a hill or stretch of high moorland, especially in northern England.

Cross Fell

an amount of timber cut.

an animal's hide or skin with its hair.

cut down (a tree).

Up on a ridge to the right of us, someone has been felling an oak tree all day.

stitch down (the edge of a seam) to lie flat.

a flat-felled seam

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Example Of fells

  • A classic sewn finish that lends itself to easy tops and dresses is the flat-fell seam, especially on the shoulder seams.

  • A rubber mallet is surprisingly useful in flattening seams or hems on thick fabric or leather and especially on heavy flat-fell seams.

  • Alpine sunshine has sometimes followed snow to show the fells and mountains at their most exquisitely beautiful.

  • an area of fell and moor

  • At an isolated crossroads stands this old inn, enfolded by high peaks and craggy tree-covered fells .

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