Definition Of favor


(often used in polite requests) give someone (something that they want).

please favor me with an answer

an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.

I've come to ask you a favor

an attitude of approval or liking.

the legislation is viewed with favor

feel or show approval or preference for.

slashing public spending is a policy that few politicians favor

resemble (a parent or relative) in facial features.

she's pretty, and she favors you

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Example Of favor

  • a struggle between competing aides for presidential favor

  • But no, I don't favor decriminalization.

  • Catholic and Protestant Newfoundlanders took it as a sign - generally, as a mark of divine favor for the Catholic side.

  • Doesn't the church's about-face on the death penalty make threats to politicians who favor it seem facile?

  • Even more it was a mark of divine favor , for the gods, it was believed, worked through the daimones, emissaries and conductors of their will.

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