Definition Of fair


(of hair or complexion) light; blond.

More procedures may be required for advanced baldness or for individuals with very dark hair and fair complexion.

(of the weather) become fine.

looks like it's fairing off some

(of weather) fine and dry.

You can forget all the cliches about fair weather and sunny days ahead for the founders of Intrallect.

a beautiful woman.

a gathering of stalls and amusements for public entertainment.

The streets and bars were packed as visitors wandered amongst the stalls, fairs and entertainers on the streets of Killorglin.

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Example Of fair

  • A fair wind and dry conditions led to some very good scoring at the unusually quiet Green Valley layout.

  • A little bit of a friendly debate went on for a fair amount of time.

  • After a month of fair words Artois came away in April 1793 with a jewelled sword inscribed With God, for the King but no more tangible support.

  • Alissa's dad thinks that's a fair amount that will teach her to be a bit more careful.

  • All I can make out is that she has black hair and eyes, a fair complexion, and a very bad temper.

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