Definition Of extractive

of or involving extraction, especially the extensive extraction of natural resources without provision for their renewal.

extractive industry

Example Of extractive

  • Add in the historical aspect of the reef, which brings into focus the reef as resource - a story of commodities and extractive industries, from fishing to mining.

  • Although state corruption has traditionally been blamed for the disappointing results of aid, the report argues that bribes often come from Western sources, notably in the mining and extractive industries.

  • As a highly capital intensive industry, linked in the first place to the extractive industries such as mining, its finances were always precarious, even prior to nationalisation.

  • But in the last three years, the government's attention and resources have shifted to older sectors of the economy, with tariff protection and subsidies to extractive industries.

  • But this volume does not include the extensive network of seismic lines, industrial access roads, and pipelines needed to support these extractive industries.

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