Definition Of extenuate


make (guilt or an offense) seem less serious or more forgivable.

there were extenuating circumstances that caused me to say the things I did

make (someone) thin.

drawings of extenuated figures

Example Of extenuate

  • A doctrinal synthesis may be a negative guide, eliminating erroneous interpretation, but only in a very extenuated sense would it be a positive aid to interpretation.

  • According to provincial law, when a death occurs in Regina a physician or, in extenuating circumstances, a coroner must complete a Medical Certificate of Death with respect to the deceased.

  • And there are other considerations-the value of the stolen property, the absence of any extenuating circumstances like dire need, or repentance and restoration of property.

  • ‘Unless there are the most extenuating circumstances, a person convicted of murder can expect no clemency until he or she has served an extremely lengthy sentence,’ Mr Holmes said.

  • Both outfits extenuated the tans and muscles that had grown over the summer.

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