Definition Of exertion


physical or mental effort.

she was panting with the exertion

the application of a force, influence, or quality.

the exertion of authority

Example Of exertion

  • After all the exertions of yesterday I felt it was unlikely that I would still be standing by 7pm, whether I'd been drinking or not.

  • At one point it was feared Jessica might have to pull out after she fell ill with chickenpox, but she is making a good recovery and hopes to be in top shape for Sunday's exertions .

  • But a sense of disquiet came over me when he began his exertions .

  • By close of play at 3.30 p.m. daily they trooped home tired after their exertions but very contented and happy indeed.

  • Contemporary people, most of whom earn wages, expect their exertions to be rewarded not only by other humans but also by God.

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