Definition Of exciting


bring out or give rise to (a feeling or reaction).

the ability to excite interest in others

cause strong feelings of enthusiasm and eagerness in (someone).

flying still excites me

causing great enthusiasm and eagerness.

an exciting breakthrough

produce a state of increased energy or activity in (a physical or biological system).

the energy of an electron is sufficient to excite the atom

Example Of exciting

  • Because it keeps my life exciting and challenging.

  • Between about 1350 and 1500 miles into the trip things start to get a bit exciting .

  • But on the other hand I want to keep his fantasy life exciting and vivid.

  • But that this throwaway proposal has been excitingly supported by environmentalists is evidence that environmentalists are dumping their prejudices with consumption and growth onto China.

  • But the Villagers were never that far off the pace to allow the winners feel comfortable, and the outcome hung excitingly in the balance to the very last puck of a decider that ended in semi darkness.

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