Definition Of examine


inspect (someone or something) in detail to determine their nature or condition; investigate thoroughly.

a doctor examined me and said I might need a caesarean

test the knowledge or proficiency of (someone) by requiring them to answer questions or perform tasks.

the colleges set standards by examining candidates

Example Of examine

  • A local government pay commission has been set up to examine the pay and conditions of council workers.

  • Another approach is to examine the area thoroughly, with the benefit of informative and informed opinion.

  • Another characteristic of this view of music education is an emphasis on testing and examining .

  • As a course, however, it was certainly wide-ranging, and the fact that the contents of the aforementioned textbook were examinable meant that we could have been in for a rough time.

  • As well as examining their overall mechanical performance, the tests sought to test the ideas generated in the last section.

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