Definition Of exaltative


a feeling or state of extreme happiness.

she beams with exaltation

the action of elevating someone in rank, power, or character.

the resurrection and exaltation of Christ

Example Of exaltative

  • 7 In the words of Mauriac, it is this risk of death that would bring Malraux's experience of life into sharper relief, even to a state of exaltation .

  • Abjection, evacuation and ecstasy all commingle in this terrified exaltation .

  • All three composers, self-torturing, high-minded isolationists in their own ways, strove for heightened exaltation .

  • An easy moment of pause or exhaustion is followed by initial speed and exaltation , all lending a stable, self-confident and mesmerizing rhythm, which follows what Yang has said about how life should be set in the ambiance of jazz.

  • At this moment, that which fills my mind is not eloquent words of glory and exaltation , but rather, weighty thoughts of bigger responsibility, greater humility, and deeper self-reflection.

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