Definition Of exact


demand and obtain (something, especially a payment) from someone.

tributes exacted from the Slavic peoples

not approximated in any way; precise.

the exact details were still being worked out

Example Of exact

  • A particular target is expected to be descendants of Scots living in the United States where an exact replica of Burns' birthplace has been built in a park in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Again, these results are exact , not approximations.

  • And the thought is we can pull down the nebulous notion of beauty and make it exact and precise when we tie it to the notion of function; but in fact this doesn't work very well.

  • Arguably, to exact revenge or punishment by means of agricultural devastation was the essence of Greek warfare.

  • As time progressed and more and more constraints and policies were put into force we became more and more aware of the need for exact and very precise entries in these documents.

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