Definition Of eutral


a disengaged position of gears in which the engine is disconnected from the driven parts.

she slipped the gear into neutral

a neutral color or shade, especially light gray or beige.

Every splash of white or neutral is anchored by a dose of black.

an electrically neutral point, terminal, conductor, or wire.

Some boxes will have two bus bars, one for the ground wire, one for the neutral .

an impartial or unbiased country or person.

he acted as a neutral between the parties

having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features.

the tone was neutral, devoid of sentiment

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Example Of eutral

  • After all, how many Premiership sides have separate turnstiles for neutral supporters?

  • All of the faces that the participants viewed had expressions that were neutral and not characterized by any emotion.

  • And that is what it does, but because the proton has a positive charge and the neutron is neutral , the nucleus somehow has to get rid of a positive charge.

  • Aqueous solutions of caffeine have a neutral pH.

  • Clematis prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline soil, so add lime if your soil is on the acidic side. Keep the roots shaded and the tops in sun.

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