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(of a surface or line) composed of points all at the same potential.

The Mandelbrot set is beautiful even if it is the monochromatic blot in the middle of the colorful depiction of equipotential lines.

an equipotential line or surface.

This is the mean sea-level surface, and is also clearly a gravitational equipotential .

Example Of equipotential

  • Consequently, FDPB calculations predict that the positive equipotential contour of membrane-adsorbed Lys - 13 is significantly larger than that of membrane-adsorbed FA-MARCKS, which consists of 25 amino acid residues.

  • In fact Pontryagin used ideas introduced by Morse on equipotential surfaces.

  • The equipotential is then formed by the dipole curve 1).

  • The curve is intended to fall along the equipotential between, as well as at,the specific points marked off, so the points should not be connected by straight line segments.

  • The geoid is defined as a gravitational equipotential surface that coincides with mean sea level.

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