Definition Of empiric


a person who, in medicine or other branches of science, relies solely on observation and experiment.

Whereas there is plenty of information on empirics , because of the licensing regime, folk healers occupy a very small place in the medical and police archives of the time.

Example Of empiric

  • Although bacterial infection may sometimes cause skin lesions or ulcerations similar to this case, empiric trials of antibiotics were unsuccessful for this patient, and subsequent bacterial cultures were negative.

  • Although celiac disease was formally described late in the 19th century, treatment remained empiric until the middle of the 20th century when patients were noted to improve dramatically after wheat was removed from their diet.

  • But the bulk of the population had little access to physicians, seeking instead barber-surgeons, apothecaries, empirics such as bonesetters and tooth-drawers, or wise women.

  • Choice of agents for empiric therapy should be determined by the patient's age and the presence of predisposing conditions, and should assume antimicrobial resistance.

  • However, although this relationship has been described based on empiric data, there are no mathematical models in the literature relating number of antibiotics used to probability of adequate coverage.

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