Definition Of elongate


long in relation to width; elongated.

elongate, fishlike creatures

make (something) longer, especially unusually so in relation to its width.

Their flat, scaleless bellies and slender, elongated bodies facilitate the process.

Example Of elongate

  • And so, as K takes up the camera on my behalf, my face miraculously elongates itself.

  • At this point, 60% of the cells had large buds that continued to elongate with prolonged incubation.

  • Conodonts were mostly small, elongate , eel-shaped marine animals that inhabited a variety of environments in Paleozoic and Triassic seas.

  • Each is comprised of two or three elongated strips of material stretching from above eye level and continuing near the ground.

  • Fertile fronds have clusters of elongate sporangia that partially replace pinnules.

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