Meaning Of earplug

কান প্লাগ

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Definition Of earplug


a piece of wax, rubber, or cotton placed in the ear as protection against noise or water.

If the noise level rises above that point, hearing protection, earplugs or a similar device, would be required.

an ornament worn in the lobe of the ear.

In the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt a type of earring called an earplug became fashionable and these fitted snugly into a wide stretched hole in the earlobe.

Example Of earplug

  • And to make his hearing loss look realistic, he wore earplugs throughout the five-week shoot in Spain.

  • And yes, it's true that I've taken to wearing earplugs during the pipe band's practice sessions.

  • During races at the California Speedway, when many fans wear earplugs to muffle the sound of the cars screaming around the track, the noise filters into surrounding neighborhoods.

  • He had inserted earplugs to soften the noise of his daughter, he said, but these served only to damage his middle ear and his balance.

  • If noise is a problem, use a fan to cover the noise or use earplugs .

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