Definition Of duel


a contest with deadly weapons arranged between two people in order to settle a point of honor.

Men had to defend their wives' honour in duels and sometimes ended up having to shoot their best friend as a result of a harmless (by today's standards) misunderstanding.

fight a duel or duels.

dueling had been forbidden for serving officers

Example Of duel

  • Any civil disputes, in future, will be settled via a duel .

  • At the time of going to Press last night, the two combatants were duelling in a tie breaker to decide who advances to the quarter-finals.

  • Coming at a moment of political crisis, their deaths had repercussions the duellists could only guess at.

  • Falvelon's victory in the Sprint came after a testing duel in the final furlong with American challenger Morluc.

  • Fencing was founded in the 1800s based on the three types of sword dueling .

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