Definition Of due


(with reference to a point of the compass) exactly; directly.

we'll head due south again on the same road

a person's right; what is owed to someone.

he attracts more criticism than is his due

an obligatory payment; a fee.

he had paid union dues for years

expected at or planned for at a certain time.

the baby's due in August

of the proper quality or extent; adequate.

driving without due care and attention

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Example Of due

  • A few more yards due south of that, hard by the western approach to the Limehouse Link, there's a little park, perhaps an ex-churchyard to go with the ex-rectory.

  • A Pennine Division officer was found guilty at court of driving without due care and attention, failing to stop and failing to report a road traffic accident.

  • A second novel, Having A Lovely Time, is due out soon.

  • Accidents can be avoided if due care and attention is taken.

  • Also next year the European elections are due with both polls expected to go ahead on the same day, June 10.

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