Meaning Of dudgeons


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Definition Of dudgeons


a feeling of offense or deep resentment.

the manager walked out in high dudgeon

Example Of dudgeons

  • Although they were eventually put back on the rails, the bad odour lingered, and was not dispelled when a non-executive director quit in high dudgeon .

  • And so we get ourselves in high dudgeon at injustices that may never have happened, because they are the kind of thing we would hate if they had happened.

  • At the same time, he is in high dudgeon these days over the trial.

  • But amid the high dudgeon , it's easy to miss that essentially what he was making is an affirmative-action argument.

  • But it wasn't just that inconsistency which distressed me: it was the feeling that he was on the verge of extreme dudgeon before I could press the matter one inch further.

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