Definition Of draft


a current of cool air in a room or other confined space.

heavy curtains at the windows cut out drafts

a preliminary version of a piece of writing.

the first draft of the party's manifesto

a single act of drinking or inhaling.

she downed the remaining beer in one draft

a written order to pay a specified sum; a check.

How could Dunlop walk into the AIB with cheques or drafts made out for large sums of money to a company of which he was not a director or shareholder or officer, and walk out again having converted them to cash?

benefit from reduced wind resistance by driving very closely behind another vehicle.

I was most impressed by the discussion of whether the rider in front ALSO benefits from another rider drafting behind them.

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Example Of draft

  • a draft document

  • A leading cause of this is that many bartenders don't know how to properly pour draft beer.

  • A maze of flimsy wooden draft animal pens was scattered about, leaving a path of least resistance through the center of the enormous room.

  • After the draft , most teams have filled those needs with young players.

  • Another possibility would be to combine the draft with some sort of nonmilitary national service.

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