Definition Of dominion


sovereignty; control.

man's attempt to establish dominion over nature

the territory of a sovereign or government.

the Angevin dominions

Example Of dominion

  • Acceptance - learning to live within the dominions of your entire person - is the ultimate goal.

  • All activities by which we shape and maintain our world, in all of its many complexities, also are an expression of the power of dominion over the world.

  • America, he noted, has ‘achieved a degree of power in the contemporary world community which dwarfs the dominions of the empires of the past’.

  • But of course, not everything in the garden is lovely, and there are times when nature's dominion over the humble gardener can be infuriating.

  • By the time Orwell returned to England in 1927 he had a hatred not just of colonialism, but of ‘every form of man's dominion over man’.

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