Definition Of diverges


(of a road, route, or line) separate from another route, especially a main one, and go in a different direction.

The airport is west of the city beyond the junction where the Glasgow and Fife lines diverge .

(of a series) increase indefinitely as more terms are added.

For this series, it also gives a sum if t = 1, but as soon as t>1, the series diverges .

Example Of diverges

  • A recent further analysis reveals that the diverging development between these two groups is, in fact, even more explicit later on.

  • About halfway between the temple and the main road, a path diverged to the left.

  • After bony fishes and mammals diverged about 400 MYA, class II genes increased enormously in the mammalian lineage.

  • Although not thoroughly tested in the courts at the time of writing, legal opinion diverges widely on these questions.

  • Arrangements in the upper line represent periods in which duplicated genes diverged .

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