Definition Of dissociate


(with reference to a molecule) to split into separate smaller atoms, ions, or molecules, especially reversibly.

these compounds are dissociated by solar radiation to yield atoms of chlorine

disconnect or separate (used especially in abstract contexts).

voices should not be dissociated from their social context

Example Of dissociate

  • ‘With laser spark spectroscopy, the higher energy laser beam dissociates the metal-containing molecules and particles into a plasma of atoms and ions,’ notes one researcher.

  • But is it really better to see Campbell in this context, wholly dissociated from those who shared his rise to fame?

  • Collins' healthy longevity is due in part to dissociating herself from what she endearingly calls ‘drains’.

  • Each character and object in the dream is a split off or dissociated component of the self - but the dreamer is not fully aware of this.

  • First, I want to dissociate myself from what I thought were some slightly churlish comments made by a member whose words I usually listen to extremely closely.

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