Definition Of dissevers


divide or sever (something).

Uncannily, Wakefield ‘had contrived, or rather he had happened, to dissever himself from the world - to vanish - to give up his place and privileges with living men, without being admitted among the dead’.

Example Of dissevers

  • a European tradition which had not been willing to dissever reason from the law of nature

  • ‘America’ remains a malaprop incapable of dissevering its rhetorical trusses to colonial discourse.

  • It made sense to her, considering that most of her friends, besides Evie, were men and she didn't want to be dissevered from her closest acquaintances.

  • The overall aim is sustainable pulsing - swarm networks must be able to coalesce rapidly and stealthily on a target, then dissever and redisperse, immediately ready to recombine for a new pulse.

  • There were a lot of the fun things to be dissevered .

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