Definition Of discharge


(of a judge or court) cancel (an order of a court).

It may well be that in the light of that report the authority will wish to apply to the High Court to discharge the consent order made last year.

allow (a liquid, gas, or other substance) to flow out from where it has been confined.

industrial plants discharge highly toxic materials into rivers

do all that is required to fulfill (a responsibility) or perform (a duty).

That was the only time that he was actually unable to perform or discharge the duties of the president.

tell (someone) officially that they can or must leave, in particular.

They stressed that staff would not be actively discharging anyone and no programme was in place to reduce the number of users by a set target.

the action of canceling an order of a court.

A motion to consolidate that action with the applications for discharge now before this court was dismissed and the action is proceeding toward trial.

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Example Of discharge

  • A patriot is someone, whose pleasure arises from the faithful discharge of his duty to his country.

  • a police permit for discharge of an air gun

  • an application for discharge of a supervision order

  • And lawmakers want to make it easier for victims to discharge storm-related debt.

  • And that, I say, is why he received his honorable discharge .

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