Definition Of directory


a book listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

I go down to the MHS library and begin looking at the 1912 city directories , alphabetical listings of people, their addresses, and occupations.

a book of directions for the conduct of Christian worship, especially in Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches.

the revolutionary government in France 1795–99, comprising two councils and a five-member executive. It maintained an aggressive foreign policy but could not control events at home and was overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Example Of directory

  • A directory containing the details of the students who are willing to donate blood and their blood groups was released.

  • An all-inclusive online directory contains profiles and contact information on legislators and lobbyists.

  • But will he arrange to make copies of the directory available on sale for the public?

  • By default, most Windows programs will save their files to a specified directory on your hard drive.

  • Choosing a name from the local telephone directory is risky if you have no other information about the provider.

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