Definition Of dime


a ten-cent coin.

Instead of replacing the popular dime with another coin, it's also possible to see whether the addition of a fifth coin would help.

Example Of dime

  • After all, no matter who goes first overall or who slides into the second half of the first round, you're not going to see a dime of that money, and neither am I.

  • And then she came and sat with me, next to a reflection pool that had been emptied of water, but whose cement floor was scattered with pennies and dimes turned blue from chlorine.

  • Any money goes to people who previously bought the stock for pennies; the company doesn't get a dime .

  • ‘This has been a large front-end expenditure for us before we even see a dime of revenues from the settlement,’ he says.

  • But its minority investors never saw a dime in profit.

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