Definition Of differentiate


make or become different in the process of growth or development.

the receptors are developed and differentiated into sense organs

recognize or ascertain what makes (someone or something) different.

children can differentiate the past from the present

transform (a function) into its derivative.

In his reply Leibniz gave some details of the principles of his differential calculus including the rule for differentiating a function of a function.

Example Of differentiate

  • According to the explanation, the illusion takes advantage of the way in which the human visual system evolved to differentiate shapes and find edges, not to make fine distinctions in color.

  • Actually there are no characteristics to differentiate it from the rest of the public sector, and sometimes even from the private sector.

  • Attributes of Victorian and Edwardian middle-class identity served to differentiate the young clerk from those with full middle-class status.

  • But the fund has Chinese characteristics that differentiate it from some of the index-tracking funds that have been so successful overseas in the past two decades.

  • By developing suitable tests with embryonic stem cells as they differentiate to germ cells we can investigate the action of these chemicals in the laboratory.

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