Definition Of diabetic


a person suffering from diabetes.

Research that helps us understand how older diabetics view their illness is largely unexplored.

having diabetes.

The commonest cause of neuropathic ulceration is diabetes, and many diabetic patients with neuropathic ulceration will also have an arterial problem that requires correction.

Example Of diabetic

  • A diabetic diet need not mean a complete departure from a normal one; often, a few adjustments will suffice.

  • A special photographic process is very helpful in detecting early effects of diabetic retinopathy.

  • Avoid all artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks and some diabetic foods as these are toxic to the liver and can cause hypoglycaemia and fatigue.

  • Being a diabetic , my visits to the clinic for blood tests were frequent and he became a family pathologist.

  • Diabetes UK care adviser Roopinder Drar said the rules that applied to a diabetic 's diet could often be applied to anyone.

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