Definition Of detracted


divert or distract (someone or something) away from.

the complaint was timed to detract attention from the ethics issue

reduce or take away the worth or value of.

these quibbles in no way detract from her achievement

Example Of detracted

  • And doing the rounds in one day certainly did not detract from the quality of the gifts.

  • And in a true testimony to the power of the narrative, knowledge of the eventual outcome detracts nothing from the exhilarating story.

  • And thinking about it that does detract somewhat from his achievement.

  • As a result, the case is being made that money spent to minimise risk does not detract from shareholder value, but protects it.

  • As with all great bands, such archaeology doesn't detract one iota, but allows us to indulge in a kind of aural watch repairing.

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