Definition Of despot


a ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.

History should have taught us that despots , nuclear powers, rogue states et al do not attack strong adversaries; they prey on the weak.

Example Of despot

  • After all, the 20th century was a time when the world sang the praises of despots and despotism.

  • All it has done is replace one despotic tyrannical regime with another that is mildly better in some ways, and much worse in others.

  • Also, the war generation lived through times when politicians and generals, dictators and despots , managed to squander untold millions of young lives.

  • And then there's an opportunistic foreign policy that equates despots with democrats and which has baffled the most seasoned of diplomats.

  • And this makes the world's despots breathe a little easier.

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